Happy Birthday Dr Seuss!

Today is Dr Seuss’ Birthday, Read Across America Day, and Pi Beta Phi Day of Service. All this falls on March 2nd every year. Pi Beta Phi philanthropy is literacy, being an alumni of Ky Gamma this day is very important to me. So this day boils down to read, read, read, and love to read!

Reading can take us so many places in life and in our imagination. I love to read , so I read to the children in my class every day. Also try to make it fun to read. They are two and some books it’s hard for them to sit thru. I can read Dinosaur vs. the Potty, Dinosaur vs. Bedtime, and Dinosaur vs. the Library over and over again for 30-40 minutes and they would be so excited interested the entire time.

Reading Dr. Seuss to some little ones is hard though. They don’t understand his made up words, the rhyming, or able to sit through the long length of the books. I read a few Dr. Seuss books to my kids this week but I had to read it in at least two parts (and that was a struggle). I also showed small clips on my IPad of the cartoons of the books I read afterwards so we could discuss it and they grasped the books content more.

Mine and my sister’s favorite Dr. Seuss book growing up was “The Sneetches”. I made a bulletin board at work for it and no one knew what the Sneetches were. My kids know now though. They know they are yellow and have green stars on their belly. After we were done reading the book, we immediately got out the green crayons, markers, and bingo dabbers and let them color their stars. Once they dried from all that ink, I took packaging tape and taped their stars to their bellies. They thought it was so fun and silly.