Felt Christmas Tree

On Pinterest I have seen this felt Christmas tree for toddlers. I thought this could be a great thing or my classroom. Me and my teachers made it during nap time and those kids noticed it first thing when they woke up. They definitely love it! They wore out the felt ornaments by the time they left that afternoon. So don’t worry about making them pretty with details. Just cut circles out and the children are happy.





Southern Lights

One Christmas tradition or my family is going to the KY Horse Park to see the Southern Lights. As a young kid, my family just drove around the lights and went home. When I began to go with my sister and her kids every year we got out of the car and enjoyed the other activities such as: seeing Santa Clause, riding a train through more lights, petting zoo, model trains, miniature doll houses, and eating kettle corn. Here are a few pictures from the night.












Peacock-Snowflake Wreath



This year i wanted to make a wreath for the first time. At the apartment we have peacock colors throughout the living space. And me and my roommate love penguins, so we have a penguin door mat. I wanted to combine those qualities to make this wreath. After much researching ideas throughout the web, I decided to go with a tulle wreath. I alternated green, purple, and blue tulle and wrapped it around a foam ring. Then I got the snowflakes at the dollar tree for $2 and hot glued them to the front. Super easy and looks great!

Oh Christmas Tree


This Christmas is the first at my own place. So decoration wise… I’m basically starting from scratch. All I had was a Christmas tree, a feather wreath, and 2 feather trees. The living space is decorated in peacock colors: blues, greens, and purples. So I had fun picking out stuff to decorate my tree in these colors. At my mothers house it was red, good, and animal print. So this is a nice change of pace.


I also am making this pinterest find, of tying ribbon on string of lights to hang around the room. This is very time consuming. This one string took a couple of hours of watching tv to complete and I have 5 more to do. Plus lots of ribbon. But it looks super cool.

Besides finishing the lights I still need to make a wreath for the door, buy or make a tree skirt, and decorate the table. I know some people think I’m crazy cuz I’m doing all this before Thanksgiving, but I want time to enjoy it once I’m done decorating and making it.