Black Friday Shopping

Did you get any good Black Friday deals? I stood in a very long line and got an IPad and I love it. I think the best deals I got though was from my father. A furniture store is going out of business and decided to auction off everything. Since I recently moved out and had some cheap pieces of furniture, my father offered to make some bids if things went cheap enough. He got a few pieces for his house but he was able to get a couch and high top table and chairs. I was so excited and so grateful for this gift. Merry Christmas to me!


With the upgrade of this furniture, I then wanted to paint some small pieces that I have been wanting to do since me and my roommate moved in. Both were natural wood pieces, but the room needs some more punches of color. After this is complete, all is left is to replace the $20 plastic and particleboard tv stand. I hope to take care of this before Christmas and tackle the rest of the rooms after the holidays.




Oh Christmas Tree


This Christmas is the first at my own place. So decoration wise… I’m basically starting from scratch. All I had was a Christmas tree, a feather wreath, and 2 feather trees. The living space is decorated in peacock colors: blues, greens, and purples. So I had fun picking out stuff to decorate my tree in these colors. At my mothers house it was red, good, and animal print. So this is a nice change of pace.


I also am making this pinterest find, of tying ribbon on string of lights to hang around the room. This is very time consuming. This one string took a couple of hours of watching tv to complete and I have 5 more to do. Plus lots of ribbon. But it looks super cool.

Besides finishing the lights I still need to make a wreath for the door, buy or make a tree skirt, and decorate the table. I know some people think I’m crazy cuz I’m doing all this before Thanksgiving, but I want time to enjoy it once I’m done decorating and making it.